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Refuelled Design Supplies specialises in providing designers, artists, illustrators and other professionals with Chartpak Markers. These pens are usually incredibly difficult to source within the UK and the rest of Europe. At, however, we are an official Chartpak retailer and deal directly with Chartpak in the US. This means we can offer the full range of Chartpak products and we can turn around even the largest orders in just a week or two.

The Benefits of Chartpak Markers

Chartpak markers, unlike most competitors' products do not require users to subscribe to endless and inefficient refills. Chartpak markers are fully loaded with ink and last longer than many other products (even after a refill!). The unit cost per pen is also low and this means that the overall Chartpak product range can be cheaper and quicker to use all round.


Unlike multi-nib systems often used on other marker pens, Chartpak AD Markers use a specially shaped nib. This nip can be used in multiple directions to give varying widths of stroke. There are no small, additional nibs to get broken or dry up.

Chartpak Tri-Nib

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